Out of Compton

Straight out of Compton comes this amazing documentary “Baby Gangster” portraying Fredrick James Staves, ex-drug kingpin in Los Angeles back in 1980s and a low rider expert. The one who started gang banging at age of eleven. A sincere take on life, crime, family, rules and love of Lowriding. Directed by Luke[...]

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Way of the Sword

Shozo Kato, a master kendo sensei, tells about some fundamental principles of Japanese sword fighting and as you probably would expect the main things happen on the inside of the sword fighter. Beautifully made portrait documentary from The Avant/Garde Diaries.

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Marius Solem Johansen aka “Inspector Norse”, failed musician living in a small town and creating dance videos and drug recipes for YouTube. “Whateverest” as well as  “No Bad Days” both are motos, perspectives on life from Inspector Norse, deeper you dive into documentary the more those motos make sense. Short[...]

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